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(Some of these will have biblical references and some will not)

I will begin with the earliest classification.

na’arah – (plural ne’arot): Girl or young woman
baht – (plural bahtot): daughter
betulah – (plural betulot): married/unmarried virgin
almah – (plural alamot): virgin, unmarried, sexually ripening (“pubescent”) woman
isha – (plural nasheem): wife; literally, woman
pilegesh – (plural pilgasheem): concubine (Song of Songs 6:8)
emah – (plural emote): mother
malkah – (plural melakhot): queen (Song of Songs 6:8)
gevirah – noble woman/queen mother
agunah – a woman whose husband’s whereabouts are unknown (an abandoned woman) (Romans 7:2)

noefet – adulteress (na’aph is the act of committing adultery)
zonah – non-virginal harlot/prostitute (Dt. 23: 18-19)
gerushah – divorcee (literally exile/stranger…)

I found these interesting.
The classification betulah and almah as often used interchangably in scripture.
But a zonah cannot be an almah. (duh?) The two cannot be used interchangably.

Y’all have to bear with me. I’m very eclectic in my thoughts and my beliefs. I believe in Yahweh, I believe in Torah. I believe you do NOT add OR subtract from Torah. No; not at ALL. We don’t listen to a man and just accept what he says as a proper understanding of Torah. We don’t adhere to a lot of things that humans put on other humans when those things are not expressed in Torah (i.e., not drinking. Scripture does not talk about people not drinking; you get to the New Testament and they tell older women to not to be given to much wine. That doesn’t mean NO wine. They don’t want some Drunky McGee telling the younger women how to be).
We do not understand the modesty suggestions in the Bible the way many others understand them. I don’t wear clothing made for men, and my husband does not wear clothing made for women. Nothing says don’t wear pants because there are pants specifically made with a woman in mind. Plus when pants were originally made, they were worn by men and women (women in harems used to wear pants). And before those pants were made, everyone walked around wrapped in robes (that some could say were “dress-like”). I cover my head, but for various reasons. Either my head is covered to show to other Hebraic peoples that I am married, or we are in prayer, or I don’t want attention drawn to me (I may not be pretty to you, but I’m pretty to some, and covering my head makes men leave me alone).
While I may talk about my beliefs on here, or on my videos, or on my facebook page, I don’t go to other people’s pages and talk about my beliefs if I disagree with them. If I disagree and disagree STRONGLY, either I don’t say anything at all, or I address that person directly (if a debate would be interesting to me). I mostly feel that, eventually, if I’m right about something, that Yahweh will sway that person towards it.
I don’t take stock in details. If one person likes to open their Shabbat in the way of Jewish tradition, so be it; if another person likes to just read a psalm, sing a hymn and say a prayer – so be it. HOW to open Shabbat is not discussed in scripture. But what is said about Shabbat in scripture?? You are to remember, to observe. You are to refrain from work on that day. You are not to light a fire. You are not to exchange funds. You are to rest. THAT’S IT. Anything else, how you do these things – I feel that’s up to you because if The Most High wanted to tell you how to do it, He would have told you how to do it.
I think with all this I’m trying to say – I’m a real person. I strive for righteousness. But for some of you I may either be too righteous or not righteous enough. But I’m REAL. I am alive and I don’t want anyone to think I’m something I’m not. Not perfect, no. Don’t understand it ALL, no I don’t. Guilty of missing the mark all the time, yes. Just like you.
Alright I just wanted to talk. People get the wrong idea sometimes. And really, to ME, if you don’t ask me the right questions you are not going to get the answers you want. Some things I just don’t discuss so that we (you and I) don’t have discord between us.

MeekaJael and Vauno are youtubers who typically gear their videos towards natural hair care for women of color (called the Real Queens Hair Regimen). They are Hebrew, but are not Hebrew Israelite, and, like us, are not affiliated with any Hebrew church, assembly, fellowship, or camp. They are just seekers of The Most High God.

That being said — they’ve made a Polygamy series!!! For Our Enjoyment!!!

Everyone — meet HondoSolomon77! If you are interested in polygyny he’s started a how-to series. Please pass on your support for our akh/brother!!!

DreamGyrl360/Akhotee Rivka

I personally MISSED THIS?
I didn’t even see this on the radar?
But even if it’s just this video, I’m glad I saw it. I loved every minute of it, I loved the older family that’s been together 30+ years and how they’re doing well and they’re HAPPY and NORMAL, I loved seeing the spokesperson for the polygamy advocacy group… LOVED IT.


I created two new videos that revolve around jealousy and the poly mindset.
The first one is

And the second upload is this one (with my face on it lol)


Well, a young woman on youtube contacted me with some questions and I was so intrigued by our dialogue that I just put it out on the table for her. She was shocked and I asked for a picture of her to show hubby, who was also shocked.

She sent a picture and he finds her very attractive.

We have been chatting back and forth for about a month or so now. We only recently exchanged numbers. My husband will call her as soon as we have a moment; if you were not aware we are currently in our holiday season. We follow the moon by eye-sight, so we coincide with the kairite jews and the yemenites who do not follow any rabbinically created hebrew calendar. So for us, Sukkot is starting Sunday night, October 4.

We will be out at Joe Pool Lake with HUNDREDS OF OTHER PEOPLE. Some are families we already know.
We invited our potential out but she has to work. Another time; she is many states away.
None of us are “used” to long distance relationships.

I really hope this works out. I pray for Yah’s Will to be done in the matter and I pray that, if this be His Will, that she be a good match for our household.

If no one’s seen her blog, there is a young lady who is wife #3 that has a blog, called Megan’s polyblog. She just found out she’s pregnant, 6 months into the marriage. They’re all happy.

Since we have been in a time of repentance I’ve had to do alot of soul searching. I have to make sure that I am where I need to be, spiritually. It is very hard, still living in the world and not being “of” the world. This walk certainly can get lonesome. I AM peculiar amongst my friends, to the point where they pick at me about it.

I mentioned possibly going to an associate’s pool party. The reply “There’s pork in the pool.”
I mentioned possibly going to this lounge in town, Joyce Lounge. The reply “Sounds like a religious lounge.”
When we through our little W&C get together alot of people didn’t come. Apparently someone speculated that it would be a “religious” thing.

So. I am alone.
But y’know what?
He said you’d lose your family and friends, following Him.
So I can’t be TOO bad off, right?
I Praise His Name. I Bless the Name of YAHWEH!

WHATEVER HIS WILL IS, I am happy to follow Him.

We will have a good Sukkot. I am praying that all goes well for us out there and that Yahweh is glorified in our fellowshipping and worshipping of Him. And I pray that we are all edified in our understandings of things…

Shalom for now…

I am so tired of the hidden wickedness amongst…certain people…

My thing is this — IF we are supposed to be Yahweh’s chosen people —

why can’t we be REAL with the fact that we are ALL sinners.

Every Man woman child moreh rabbi preacher pastor teacher prophet.


We haven’t STOPPED being sinners just because we know Yahweh. WE CANT. We’re still in the flesh and you know Yahshuah said if you even THINK it, you’ve done it.

Let’s get something straight — I worship NO MAN.
I read scripture and I do what Yahweh says I need to do in order to be counted amongst His people.
At least I ATTEMPT to.

The ONLY man I go to for scriptural understanding is MY HUSBAND. Because I am commanded to do so.

I also take 1 Thess. 5:27 (? I think?) seriously when I QUESTION EVERYTHING. Just because you say it’s there don’t mean it’s there. Just because you say it means that doesn’t mean it says that.

I may not like it; it may not be MY way (like the whole pork thing lol. Before my current understanding I was a SERIOUS pork eater lol), but it’s YAHWEH’S WAY and that’s what matters.

I can’t just take what a man would say.
because, like the old adage says “Power CORRUPTS. And Absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY.”

If ANYONE is going to teach me ANYTHING, they have to humble themselves and ADMIT that they are sinners just like me, and that they, too, are still learning…

I feel that a true assembly of Yahweh is a constantly growing and ever changing thing. Because we haven’t learned everything. Sometimes things come up and you find out — oh, you all, as a group, haven’t been doing what you’re supposed to do. It is then that you need to change it. UPGRADE!

I do alot of teaching. I know how people feel about women preachers. I’m not a preacher; don’t get me started. As I said before, everything I ever SAY I pass it by my husband, who is OFF THE CHAIN with the scriptural knowledge. If he hasn’t approved it, I do not publicly state it. Period. Full-stop.

But I DO do alot of teaching. Let’s face it; there are some things I have studied and learned that I like to pass on to others. So I do a lesson or a few.

I don’t know what I’m about to say, where I’m about to go with this.

But one of my next lessons is going to be about FALSE PROPHETS.

Stay away from them.

Shalom. Laila tov.