I am a Messianic Hebraic mother of three small children and wife to a West Indian man. I am… early 30s. I have children. My husband and I are from different cultures and backgrounds, altho we are both black, and, for some reason, look very much so alike, lol. I have been married over 10 years. I believe many, many things. I am not a Christian and do not have much in common with Christians due to my interpretation of the Scriptures. I am not a Jew because I will never follow the Talmud (don’t add or subtract from His Word!)
My husband is very intelligent — indeed he is the only man I have ever met that was smarter than me. So I am more than happy to be his helpmate and him be my covering. I love him very much; he is attractive but his mind is a gem and that is what attracts me the most! Our children are great kids! I am currently owner of a small beauty supply store, and am in the process of homeschooling my children and raising them to be Children of the Most High Elohim. I love my God and I love my husband and I love my children.