What do I believe?

There is a Most High Supreme Deity, and His Name is Yahweh or some derivative of YHWH.
There is a Messiah — his name is NOT Jesus — his name is Yahshua.
The Hebrews of the Bible — also known as the Israelites — are black people.
Israel while modern political borders like to count it and surrounding areas as a portion of the Middle East — is a part of Africa. (it’s why the majority of what goes down in scripture is in Africa)
The Ashkenazi Jew are converts to the Hebrew belief system.
The curses laid out in Deuteronomy 28: 15 to End are played out in the lives of the so-called black nation all over the world.
The 613 commandments in the Torah are to be followed (and trust it’s not as difficult as it sounds).
If you follow the laws of Torah, and believe in His Son, you can convert to the Hebrew belief system but are not Hebrew by birth — this is okay.
If you’re following the laws, that means you are observing the feasts.
When you find paganism in your observance (which, coming out from Christianity or Judaism, you WILL find), you need to remove it, stamp it out.
Let’s see what else…
Polygyny is ALLOWED but not COMMANDED…

…I’ll add more as I go along. I was supposed to add this 4 years ago and didn’t.