Y’all have to bear with me. I’m very eclectic in my thoughts and my beliefs. I believe in Yahweh, I believe in Torah. I believe you do NOT add OR subtract from Torah. No; not at ALL. We don’t listen to a man and just accept what he says as a proper understanding of Torah. We don’t adhere to a lot of things that humans put on other humans when those things are not expressed in Torah (i.e., not drinking. Scripture does not talk about people not drinking; you get to the New Testament and they tell older women to not to be given to much wine. That doesn’t mean NO wine. They don’t want some Drunky McGee telling the younger women how to be).
We do not understand the modesty suggestions in the Bible the way many others understand them. I don’t wear clothing made for men, and my husband does not wear clothing made for women. Nothing says don’t wear pants because there are pants specifically made with a woman in mind. Plus when pants were originally made, they were worn by men and women (women in harems used to wear pants). And before those pants were made, everyone walked around wrapped in robes (that some could say were “dress-like”). I cover my head, but for various reasons. Either my head is covered to show to other Hebraic peoples that I am married, or we are in prayer, or I don’t want attention drawn to me (I may not be pretty to you, but I’m pretty to some, and covering my head makes men leave me alone).
While I may talk about my beliefs on here, or on my videos, or on my facebook page, I don’t go to other people’s pages and talk about my beliefs if I disagree with them. If I disagree and disagree STRONGLY, either I don’t say anything at all, or I address that person directly (if a debate would be interesting to me). I mostly feel that, eventually, if I’m right about something, that Yahweh will sway that person towards it.
I don’t take stock in details. If one person likes to open their Shabbat in the way of Jewish tradition, so be it; if another person likes to just read a psalm, sing a hymn and say a prayer – so be it. HOW to open Shabbat is not discussed in scripture. But what is said about Shabbat in scripture?? You are to remember, to observe. You are to refrain from work on that day. You are not to light a fire. You are not to exchange funds. You are to rest. THAT’S IT. Anything else, how you do these things – I feel that’s up to you because if The Most High wanted to tell you how to do it, He would have told you how to do it.
I think with all this I’m trying to say – I’m a real person. I strive for righteousness. But for some of you I may either be too righteous or not righteous enough. But I’m REAL. I am alive and I don’t want anyone to think I’m something I’m not. Not perfect, no. Don’t understand it ALL, no I don’t. Guilty of missing the mark all the time, yes. Just like you.
Alright I just wanted to talk. People get the wrong idea sometimes. And really, to ME, if you don’t ask me the right questions you are not going to get the answers you want. Some things I just don’t discuss so that we (you and I) don’t have discord between us.