I am so tired of the hidden wickedness amongst…certain people…

My thing is this — IF we are supposed to be Yahweh’s chosen people —

why can’t we be REAL with the fact that we are ALL sinners.

Every Man woman child moreh rabbi preacher pastor teacher prophet.


We haven’t STOPPED being sinners just because we know Yahweh. WE CANT. We’re still in the flesh and you know Yahshuah said if you even THINK it, you’ve done it.

Let’s get something straight — I worship NO MAN.
I read scripture and I do what Yahweh says I need to do in order to be counted amongst His people.
At least I ATTEMPT to.

The ONLY man I go to for scriptural understanding is MY HUSBAND. Because I am commanded to do so.

I also take 1 Thess. 5:27 (? I think?) seriously when I QUESTION EVERYTHING. Just because you say it’s there don’t mean it’s there. Just because you say it means that doesn’t mean it says that.

I may not like it; it may not be MY way (like the whole pork thing lol. Before my current understanding I was a SERIOUS pork eater lol), but it’s YAHWEH’S WAY and that’s what matters.

I can’t just take what a man would say.
because, like the old adage says “Power CORRUPTS. And Absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY.”

If ANYONE is going to teach me ANYTHING, they have to humble themselves and ADMIT that they are sinners just like me, and that they, too, are still learning…

I feel that a true assembly of Yahweh is a constantly growing and ever changing thing. Because we haven’t learned everything. Sometimes things come up and you find out — oh, you all, as a group, haven’t been doing what you’re supposed to do. It is then that you need to change it. UPGRADE!

I do alot of teaching. I know how people feel about women preachers. I’m not a preacher; don’t get me started. As I said before, everything I ever SAY I pass it by my husband, who is OFF THE CHAIN with the scriptural knowledge. If he hasn’t approved it, I do not publicly state it. Period. Full-stop.

But I DO do alot of teaching. Let’s face it; there are some things I have studied and learned that I like to pass on to others. So I do a lesson or a few.

I don’t know what I’m about to say, where I’m about to go with this.

But one of my next lessons is going to be about FALSE PROPHETS.

Stay away from them.

Shalom. Laila tov.