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I’m<a href=””&gt; blind to you</a>…

I see many things very clearly right now.
Most people that dislike me, dislike me for no REAL reason. You see — I don’t dislike people until they do something to ME, directly. 
When you do something to ME, or my FAMILY — then hey, I’ll dislike you. THAT MAKES SENSE, RIGHT?
People dislike me for the following reasons: I’m smart, I’m slim, I’m attractive, I’m successful, I’m nice, and most importantly, I have a connection to The Most High.
A friend of mine said, when you deal with conflict and when you’re forced to deal with it publicly, who your friends are and who they aren’t becomes quite evident. 
When the Hebrews read about The Messiah, they were excited and looked forward to His coming. 
When He came — they were jealous of Him, and hated Him and sought to kill Him (and succeeded).
When all I did were videos and blogs about polygyny and other related issues, people liked/loved me, and were excited at the idea of chatting with me in these facebook groups.
When I came — people became jealous, they now hate me, and while they don’t necessary seek to end my life, they’d certainly like to kill my character.
(I am not remotely saying I’m anything close as awesome to The Messiah. I’m saying this is what happens to ANYBODY who ends up being “too much” for those around them to digest.)
And yet — the more I wake up, the stronger I become. The more you show me yourselves…the more I understand myself and my relationship to this world.
I know better now, than to come down to where they are. NO THANKS — until I find people similar to who I am, I will not bother to converse with those that plot for my demise.
When I become something bigger than I am now, don’t say you ever knew me — you never did. You never tried.
Those that like/love me, believe me when I say I like/love you back. If you bear me no ill will then I, too, bear you none. 
But I Don’t Like People Who Don’t Like Me. Never ever. N That’s a Fact.

I have a friend who I wish could be a potential sisterwife.

She’s a great friend. She’s pretty — at least to the guys in our town. She’s a little big. But she’s smart, sweet, creative. Homegirl is SO creative, as compared to me. She starts where I leave off on alot things. We have worked together before, and have planned things together and we are a really good team. We like alot of the same things so it’s not hard for us to make decisions.

She has a son that needs a father in his life. His father — her baby daddy — doesn’t treat her well. When they have been together he doesn’t really come by and lies to her quite a bit. He’s got like 5 other baby mamas.

You should have seen her son at the last event we had here at our house! Poor thing was following my husband all over the house! He’s younger than my son — but my son is almost two; her son is like 14 months old so it’s not much of a difference.

Here are the negative about her (besides her baby daddy situation)-

She has bad credit. That’s more of a neutral thing than a negative thing, really, because I used to have bad credit. We had to clean it up. But do we really want to go through that again? (We don’t have credit cards and never will; we’re trying to stay out of the system. But we bought our cars through financing, as well as our house so… you know)

My husband’s not really attracted to her. He doesn’t find her pretty really. I think it’s because she’s mixed. He prefers black women, and she’s mixed wiht Black and Mexican. He’s not from this country and we ALL know that in this country, if a black woman ain’t *that* black then guys think she’s pretty. So all the guys here think she’s beautiful. He doesn’t; not really. But she’s a nice person and he’s not really into looks anyway. All he wants is for you to be height-weight proportionate…

Then you’ve got her religion. She’s Jehovah’s Witness. WE ARE NOT. We aren’t exactly Hebrew Israelite but we lean towards their ideology. There are only a few things we don’t agree with. Anyway, we believe that these are, therefore, different religions. And Scriptures say that if you are Hebrew you should not marry “foreigners”. We know that’s moreso along beliefs as opposed to actual foreigners or racial differences. So, even tho she’s black like us (for the most part), and even tho she’s American (like me, at least), she has a different spiritual life so she’s a foreigner. Now, my husband believes that he’s such a man (YALL he IS! lol Really tho!) that, if he were to court her, he could convert her. I believe it because he certainly converted me. No Christian church or festival will EVER see me! lol.

OH and ONE MORE ISSUE! She’s a stripper. Yes. I know. But y’know Yahshua didn’t turn His nose up on wayward people. Because of that, they could listen to what he had to say and make changes in their lives accordingly. But that’s her part-time profession. She doesn’t do it when she has enough money. But if there’s a financial situation, she will head right on over there. We are financially stable — no where near rich but we are comfortable and tend to live within our means. If she came this way she’d be comfortable too.

So those are our issues. I pray that, if she is the one Yahweh has sent as another wife, that Yahweh will remedy these things. I’ve spoken to her about it but I think most of the time she thinks I’m joking. I have told her “IM SERIOUS GIRL!”  I’m really not a jealous person and it helps that my husband aint just running around looking for a second wife. He doesn’t cheat on me, either. So I just remind him that if he ever comes across anyone he’s interested in, he needs to let me know. I may want to meet her and assess her…


That’s it for now.