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Well, a young woman on youtube contacted me with some questions and I was so intrigued by our dialogue that I just put it out on the table for her. She was shocked and I asked for a picture of her to show hubby, who was also shocked.

She sent a picture and he finds her very attractive.

We have been chatting back and forth for about a month or so now. We only recently exchanged numbers. My husband will call her as soon as we have a moment; if you were not aware we are currently in our holiday season. We follow the moon by eye-sight, so we coincide with the kairite jews and the yemenites who do not follow any rabbinically created hebrew calendar. So for us, Sukkot is starting Sunday night, October 4.

We will be out at Joe Pool Lake with HUNDREDS OF OTHER PEOPLE. Some are families we already know.
We invited our potential out but she has to work. Another time; she is many states away.
None of us are “used” to long distance relationships.

I really hope this works out. I pray for Yah’s Will to be done in the matter and I pray that, if this be His Will, that she be a good match for our household.

If no one’s seen her blog, there is a young lady who is wife #3 that has a blog, called Megan’s polyblog. She just found out she’s pregnant, 6 months into the marriage. They’re all happy.

Since we have been in a time of repentance I’ve had to do alot of soul searching. I have to make sure that I am where I need to be, spiritually. It is very hard, still living in the world and not being “of” the world. This walk certainly can get lonesome. I AM peculiar amongst my friends, to the point where they pick at me about it.

I mentioned possibly going to an associate’s pool party. The reply “There’s pork in the pool.”
I mentioned possibly going to this lounge in town, Joyce Lounge. The reply “Sounds like a religious lounge.”
When we through our little W&C get together alot of people didn’t come. Apparently someone speculated that it would be a “religious” thing.

So. I am alone.
But y’know what?
He said you’d lose your family and friends, following Him.
So I can’t be TOO bad off, right?
I Praise His Name. I Bless the Name of YAHWEH!

WHATEVER HIS WILL IS, I am happy to follow Him.

We will have a good Sukkot. I am praying that all goes well for us out there and that Yahweh is glorified in our fellowshipping and worshipping of Him. And I pray that we are all edified in our understandings of things…

Shalom for now…

I hate to worry about what other people think and I AM so very glad that I know my family will love me in spite of what I do.
If I came up to them and said “Mom/dad/Sis, I’m gay” they would probably cry but I know they’d accept me.
My aunt had a girlfriend some years ago and everybody knew about it. Apparently it was just a phase.
I’m not gay! I’m just talking about alternative relationships, like the polygamy thing.
Okay, so here goes sister-girl, ole girl that I would like to marry my husband.
She calls me because a friend of ours was having a party (Yahshua went to parties! He turned water to wine, also!). She wants to ride with us. She doesn’t want to ride alone. Hubby says no at first (we were gonna take his bike) but when she tells us where the party was (we thought it was in DeSoto!) it’s too far to ride on that bike, so, okay. We’ll ride together.
“We’re all family, aren’t we?” she says. “Why aren’t we riding together?”
“Don’t start!” I yelled at her.
DONT get my hopes up. I love her as a sister, as a dear, dear friend. I worry about her, I want her to have the best — like I do.
Her “baby-daddy” is out of the way — dude got 4 years on a gun charge.
When our friends suggested we have the next function (in January) at our place, Hubs and I said yes.
They mentioned “If people want to go in with said host to help with[the function], let the host know.”
Here she comes, saying she’ll go in on it with us. “Family, right?”
My husband says “Sure, whatever you want,” then under his breath “in your bombaclat.” He’s frustrated with the whole thing. WHY keep calling us family?
I was honest with her; I told her that I believed in polygyny and I told her that I wanted her to marry my husband. She says “No, as fertile as y’all are, pregnant all the time, I know I’d be pregnant all the time too!”
My husband defends her. I believe he likes her personality. What he wants is for her to lose weight.
Black men “claim” to like thickness and whatnot but my husband is not one of them. He don’t like model-skinny either but he likes a proper height-to-weight ratio (2 lbs for every inch in height, I believe he says).
She’s short. Been chubby since she left high school. Had a baby. I’m a woman; I know it’s sometimes hard to keep the weight down. Specially down here in the south where even the vegetarian food is bad for you lol. (But flavorful as all GET OUT!)
Another thing my husband admitted last night “I’d do it if people wouldn’t lookat me so wrong. If people wouldn’t say, ‘look at [him], he so lustful, [dreamgyrl360] is brainwashed, she’s so stupid.'”
I know *my* family will accept us and whatever wife comes along. I don’t know so much about his’n.
Prayer. Yah’s Will be done.
I wish we could convert ole-girl’s way of thinking, her lifestyle. Let her know she’ll be safe and secure over here. Hubs don’t care about looks. He cares about healthiness and intelligence. That’s the beginning of his criteria for a wife.

I have a friend who I wish could be a potential sisterwife.

She’s a great friend. She’s pretty — at least to the guys in our town. She’s a little big. But she’s smart, sweet, creative. Homegirl is SO creative, as compared to me. She starts where I leave off on alot things. We have worked together before, and have planned things together and we are a really good team. We like alot of the same things so it’s not hard for us to make decisions.

She has a son that needs a father in his life. His father — her baby daddy — doesn’t treat her well. When they have been together he doesn’t really come by and lies to her quite a bit. He’s got like 5 other baby mamas.

You should have seen her son at the last event we had here at our house! Poor thing was following my husband all over the house! He’s younger than my son — but my son is almost two; her son is like 14 months old so it’s not much of a difference.

Here are the negative about her (besides her baby daddy situation)-

She has bad credit. That’s more of a neutral thing than a negative thing, really, because I used to have bad credit. We had to clean it up. But do we really want to go through that again? (We don’t have credit cards and never will; we’re trying to stay out of the system. But we bought our cars through financing, as well as our house so… you know)

My husband’s not really attracted to her. He doesn’t find her pretty really. I think it’s because she’s mixed. He prefers black women, and she’s mixed wiht Black and Mexican. He’s not from this country and we ALL know that in this country, if a black woman ain’t *that* black then guys think she’s pretty. So all the guys here think she’s beautiful. He doesn’t; not really. But she’s a nice person and he’s not really into looks anyway. All he wants is for you to be height-weight proportionate…

Then you’ve got her religion. She’s Jehovah’s Witness. WE ARE NOT. We aren’t exactly Hebrew Israelite but we lean towards their ideology. There are only a few things we don’t agree with. Anyway, we believe that these are, therefore, different religions. And Scriptures say that if you are Hebrew you should not marry “foreigners”. We know that’s moreso along beliefs as opposed to actual foreigners or racial differences. So, even tho she’s black like us (for the most part), and even tho she’s American (like me, at least), she has a different spiritual life so she’s a foreigner. Now, my husband believes that he’s such a man (YALL he IS! lol Really tho!) that, if he were to court her, he could convert her. I believe it because he certainly converted me. No Christian church or festival will EVER see me! lol.

OH and ONE MORE ISSUE! She’s a stripper. Yes. I know. But y’know Yahshua didn’t turn His nose up on wayward people. Because of that, they could listen to what he had to say and make changes in their lives accordingly. But that’s her part-time profession. She doesn’t do it when she has enough money. But if there’s a financial situation, she will head right on over there. We are financially stable — no where near rich but we are comfortable and tend to live within our means. If she came this way she’d be comfortable too.

So those are our issues. I pray that, if she is the one Yahweh has sent as another wife, that Yahweh will remedy these things. I’ve spoken to her about it but I think most of the time she thinks I’m joking. I have told her “IM SERIOUS GIRL!”  I’m really not a jealous person and it helps that my husband aint just running around looking for a second wife. He doesn’t cheat on me, either. So I just remind him that if he ever comes across anyone he’s interested in, he needs to let me know. I may want to meet her and assess her…


That’s it for now.