I hate to worry about what other people think and I AM so very glad that I know my family will love me in spite of what I do.
If I came up to them and said “Mom/dad/Sis, I’m gay” they would probably cry but I know they’d accept me.
My aunt had a girlfriend some years ago and everybody knew about it. Apparently it was just a phase.
I’m not gay! I’m just talking about alternative relationships, like the polygamy thing.
Okay, so here goes sister-girl, ole girl that I would like to marry my husband.
She calls me because a friend of ours was having a party (Yahshua went to parties! He turned water to wine, also!). She wants to ride with us. She doesn’t want to ride alone. Hubby says no at first (we were gonna take his bike) but when she tells us where the party was (we thought it was in DeSoto!) it’s too far to ride on that bike, so, okay. We’ll ride together.
“We’re all family, aren’t we?” she says. “Why aren’t we riding together?”
“Don’t start!” I yelled at her.
DONT get my hopes up. I love her as a sister, as a dear, dear friend. I worry about her, I want her to have the best — like I do.
Her “baby-daddy” is out of the way — dude got 4 years on a gun charge.
When our friends suggested we have the next function (in January) at our place, Hubs and I said yes.
They mentioned “If people want to go in with said host to help with[the function], let the host know.”
Here she comes, saying she’ll go in on it with us. “Family, right?”
My husband says “Sure, whatever you want,” then under his breath “in your bombaclat.” He’s frustrated with the whole thing. WHY keep calling us family?
I was honest with her; I told her that I believed in polygyny and I told her that I wanted her to marry my husband. She says “No, as fertile as y’all are, pregnant all the time, I know I’d be pregnant all the time too!”
My husband defends her. I believe he likes her personality. What he wants is for her to lose weight.
Black men “claim” to like thickness and whatnot but my husband is not one of them. He don’t like model-skinny either but he likes a proper height-to-weight ratio (2 lbs for every inch in height, I believe he says).
She’s short. Been chubby since she left high school. Had a baby. I’m a woman; I know it’s sometimes hard to keep the weight down. Specially down here in the south where even the vegetarian food is bad for you lol. (But flavorful as all GET OUT!)
Another thing my husband admitted last night “I’d do it if people wouldn’t lookat me so wrong. If people wouldn’t say, ‘look at [him], he so lustful, [dreamgyrl360] is brainwashed, she’s so stupid.'”
I know *my* family will accept us and whatever wife comes along. I don’t know so much about his’n.
Prayer. Yah’s Will be done.
I wish we could convert ole-girl’s way of thinking, her lifestyle. Let her know she’ll be safe and secure over here. Hubs don’t care about looks. He cares about healthiness and intelligence. That’s the beginning of his criteria for a wife.