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What is concubinage?
Back in the day my only understanding of concubine was essentially a slave wife.
Many of us have been discussing this type of wife and how she is in our society today and the conclusion (so far) that has been made is that she is a woman that is otherwise not worthy of being a full wife, or not worthy of getting the benefits of a full wife.
She’s perhaps not very smart, perhaps she’s been promiscuous, or not the same belief system, or perhaps she doesn’t do wifely duties very well. Perhaps she wants her independence (like “Strong, Independent, BLACK woman” as the songs always tell her she is) but she still wants this man. Or he still wants her. In any sense, therefore she is not wife material.
That’s not a good state to be in, in my opinion, and really, in the opinion of MANY of the sisters I know.
The sisters I know, they all want to be wives (if they aren’t wives already). One sister is concerned that she will only be in concubine status because she has children from a previous relationship (she is divorced).
But after reading her posts and seeing her intelligence and her heart, many of us existing wives consider her a valuable asset to any family she joins. It’s just that certain brothers that consider themselves righteous are looking down on her because of these things. 
She doesn’t want to be a concubine and I don’t know any women that are pro polygyny that want to be concubines.
I know some Hebrew Israelite brothers that sleep with a woman who is not Hebrew, and THEN tell her “You’re my concubine”, thereby devastating her. It’s like a trick they’re pulling. Sleep with her. Then pull this “I own you” type stuff.
NOT cool and doesn’t seem righteous to me.
A righteous man does NOT mistreat his women and does not trick women.

I”m kind of blabbering here.
If a woman is not wife material, simply don’t have sex with her. Make her wife material. Or make her a wife and then work on her but heavens I have yet to meet a woman that’s happy with concubine status.