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…we all are. 

Back in the day of me writing notes on Facebook (and if you’re a facebook friend, you can go check it out), every once in a while, I would give a disclaimer on my page. 
I haven’t done a disclaimer in 2 years. 
The disclaimer read something like this: I AM NEVER 100% REAL. People who say that, are lying to themselves. I am  PROBABLY 80% real. I am MANY things. I have MANY likes. If I haven’t told you something about me, it’s not that I LIED about it. It’s PROBABLY because I dont know you like that.
People that don’t have discretion, they really suck ass. You don’t have to tell people EVERYTHING about you, and fuck those that think you do. Everything about me that I don’t say directly to people is on a need-to-know basis. 
And I’ve made a video saying it, yesterday. Driving in the car. I don’t have time to post it, but I will.
I don’t have to tell anyone everything about me. What FOR??
Is this not enough for you??

What happens to people, is that they’ll agree with me on a particular subject, and they’ll think “OHMAGOD, we’re TOTALLY alike!” because we agree! The FACT is — you don’t know WHAT I think about other things. And over the years on social media, people have sought me out, to link with me, over that ONE THING we have in common. And THATS FINE, but — and my “About” section addresses it — Please know there’s more to me than that ONE THING. (here’s my about section from facebook — you gotta scroll all the way down tho, I think — (You’ve probably assumed that you know something about who I am or what I stand for. And most likely, you’re incorrect. You can’t REALLY know who I am, or how I am from a few internet posts. It’s not even the tip of the iceberg. If you have a problem with any of this I’d suggest you go find a life outside of here. Go get some sun… :-/#ASSUMENOTHING Dont assume that I think like you, that I believe EXACTLY what you believe, that I am in any way shape form or fashion anything LIKE you, just because we have one or two things in common. Over here = maddness in a pretty package. For the most part. The sooner you accept that about me, the better we’ll get along.”

I have told people this A THOUSAND TIMES.
That’s why it’s a stupid statement. 

I don’t live this life for you. I do what I want to do with my life. I grow and change, I ebb and I flow. So do you, and if you don’t, you’re a rather BORING individual. I do whatever it is I want to do with my life. But you want to be freaked out and upset about things when you hear some shit about me that YOU DONT EVEN KNOW IF IT’S TRUE OR NOT, because you’re holding me to some set of values that you MAY set for YOURSELF — or you MAY have set it for ME because you THOUGHT I was who you THOUGHT I was… because of that ONE perception that YOU had about me.
…And aint no “let us get to know you” WHY YOU DONT EVEN LIVE HERE. You know what you NEED to know about me. You move to Dallas, come visit me at my store, let’s go out, let’s go eat — let’s get some DRINKS (yes; I drink alcohol the Bible doesn’t speak against it but Christianity might, depending on your church lol). GET IN MY FACE AND GET TO KNOW ME.
You don’t know ANYBODY on Facebook. You don’t know anyone over the phone — you don’t know what their life is like. You don’t know their conditions or what they’re doing…

Oh, and the reason I make polygyny videos and yet never had any real polygynous experience is because it is something that interests me. PLUS black women weren’t really addressing the topic when I began. POLYGYNOUS PEOPLE DONT TALK ABOUT THEIR SITUATIONS ON VIDEO TYPICALLY, MAINLY BECAUSE IT’S ILLEGAL. But I knew a few of them then and I know a slew of them, now. So I make the videos. 
If you don’t like what I say, or how I bring it, because you don’t like me (not as if anything I’ve said was incorrect) MAKE YOUR OWN OR SHUT UP.

Okay this concludes my vents for today.