If you’re like me you’re a fan of all things polygyny. We may or may not ever find a sister-wife to join us, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t recognize it as an positive relationship dynamic.
So from time to time, when I come across something — a link to a site, a video, or articles pertaining to the subject, I try to share it here so others can enjoy it as well.

So heeere ya go, here’s some stuff, that I got from someone else, lol. They did the footwork, posted it, and it was good. Yay, Facebook!!

Polygyny is legal in Islam and Christianity

Polygamy is the key to long life

And THIS awesome looking book — Polygyny: The Ancient African Welfare System

Okay babies, I’m done — a distant friend checked in on me this week. “How are you?”, she asked. “Great,” I said, “better than I’ve been in WEEKS.”
EVER SINCE I confronted “our” ex, and ever since I wrote out exactly WHAT she did, on here — the Great Purge — I feel SOOO much better about everything. I am sleeping better, I am happier. I am happier ABOUT polygyny in our life in GENERAL — whether we do it or not. She suggested this sister to us just before the break up, and suggested us to her, and STILL told that same sister, after our last major falling out that she’d be a better match for us than she was? And we talked about that, us and this other sister — she sought to make us look really bad over the last few months in order to justify jumping in bed with that other guy…if we were so bad, why would she suggest that such a nice girl try to join up with us? …

Anyway — old news.
Let me go. I’m so very busy; I have a ton of packages going out. Gotta get em ready.