I’m kind of frustrated right now. This society would accept me if I were a lesbian. They would accept me if I was a swinger. They would accept me cheating on my husband, or my husband cheating on me.
My husband is like “I don’t want the kids to get picked on.” How many kids these days are coming from households where they have just “two mommies” or “two daddies”??
And you know that, if you see a family like that at your child’s school, you’d better not say NOTHING. “Oh that’s her partner”. Yeah.
But when a man makes a commitment to two women, to be faithful to them both –
And when they are friends and sisterly toward one another –
Oh no, that’s wickedness. The kids need to be taken away, THAT family needs to be investigated!!
This society is sick.
The Potential – I like her. Really, I do. She’s smart, she’s attractive (I don’t like to hang out with ugly girls lol. Shallow, maybe but it’s at least the honest truth! I’m not perfect!). She is able to debate with as much strength as we debate. She is reading/has read a ton of books. I really think she has a lot of value and a lot of skills that could be brought to the family.
I know I didn’t feel any kind of way when they were on the phone. Will I feel some kind of way when she visits? Or if he visits her? When they go out? If they kiss? If they fall in love? If they have sex with each other while I’m in the other room?
I don’t know. We have all said it before: we are taking it ONE DAY AT A TIME. We are TAKING IT SLOW.
I don’t know WHAT I’ll feel. Let’s be honest; when I was of the world I shared men before, I’ve been the other woman, I’ve been the booty call, I’ve been cheated on, I’ve been in the “we’re all friends so I can do him and you can do him and we’ll just all be friends” thing. I have never really felt anything against a woman who was involved with a man I was involved with. (not even the cheated on situation; whenever I found out, I was always cordial with ole girl) Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m comfortable in myself. I know I’m attractive. I know the brothers are always looking at me. But I think I find comfort in knowing my place in the man’s life. When I KNOW that whatever our relationship is, is what it is, I’m cool. I am NOT cool when I think the relationship is one way but come to find out it’s a totally different way.
Examples – with B.J. (how many of you know BJ?? How many of you have “known” BJ? Hmm?? More than a few of my “Friends” have known him lol) we were all friends and it was cool. When I got cheated on (Merrison, Malcolm), I spoke to the ladies and we were actually quite friendly (still friends with one… you know who you are, sister-girl). When I was the “other” woman, I didn’t necessarily do it to hurt anyone. I just wanted what I wanted…and was pretty childish about it, trust that I know it. When it comes to covert relationships like that the “other” woman typically has no loyalty to The Universal Sisterhood of Women… I know that now, and I am truly sorry for the times where I was that woman…
So I feel that I’ll be cool, even in a situation where I am sharing a man at this day in age. I have always DONE ME, whatever that was; I have never cared what people think about who I’m doing, what I’m doing, or how I’m doing it. I have two words for the haters F—Yall. If anything I do with MY life makes you h8 me or not want to be around me, you were NEVER my friend to begin with so what does it matter? F—Yall. Forreal lol. *Don’t make me put on the dress lol*
I’ve let you be gay I’ve let you be a hoe about it I’ve let you cheat in your lives and while I *may* say my say that doesn’t ever mean I have foresook you as a friend. I DON’T HAVE HATE IN ME. I love you however you are. That is ALL I expect in return from any of you knuckleheads.
But – if that’s too much –
Thou knowest what thou canst do.