Righteous Polygyny is NOT “I want another wife and if you don’t let me have one, I’m going to leave because I want one so badly!”

Righteous Polygyny is NOT “I’m going to take a wife behind my current wife’s (wives’) back.”

Righteous polygyny is NOT “I’m going to MAKE my wives accept polygyny, even if I have to beat them.”

Righteous Polygyny is NOT “I’m dating a married man and we just haven’t told his wife yet.”

Lying is not a good way to start off ANY relationship.
Force/Coercion is not a good way to motivate anyone to be involved in something.

You don’t treat people like that. You want your woman to be interested in polygyny? Talk to her about it. Go to scripture (if you believe in a god; if you have a holy book). Point it out to her there; The Living God allows for a man to have more than one wife. Check out poly positive books and blogs. Show her polygyny in a scientific fashion, if need be. Show her statistics (two-thirds of the world allows polygyny to be an marital option). Give her the reasons you want another wife. Show her the benefits she will incur if there is another wife. LET HER KNOW YOU WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE HER AND CHERISH HER, JUST AS YOU ALWAYS HAVE. Solidify your relationship with her, before you bring someone else to it.

If your polygyny has any of these elements, it MAY fail. It may be unhappy. It may! I cant say it WILL because I have met people that have beat the odds. But it may be an unhappy situation for you.