Our husband made a video last night —

Hopefully you can see it. If not click this link:


But that’s not what I’m here for — this year’s garden is thick with cucumbers, watermelons, we had squash (but had to let it go — borers!), onions, greens (kale, mustard, collards broccoli), We’ve got peppers and tomatoes and carrots, as well!
THIS year, we are learning about insects and plant diseases. Seems like that’s what The Most High wanted to teach us about this year. Pests and such. It’s been a war to fight with them and sometimes it’s a losing battle (again, squash borers). We had cabbage, for example, but we met cabbage worms for the first time, this year. They decimated the cabbage, and after having an entire bed of beautiful cabbage, we probably received ONE head we could salvage. But the cabbage worms moved so fast!! And we fought them as instructed — diamataceous earth, etc etc. No work.
It was, admittedly, depressing.
The children are getting older and bigger. Larger. They are being required to help more.
Oh and we have chickens, the chickens are laying a bunch of eggs/day, too many for us to eat — so sometimes we sell them ($5/dz), other times we give them away. We have one broodhen that is not smart — she sits on eggs, then after they’ve developed for some amount of time, she kicks them out and brings in a whole, new set. Sad. What’s wrong with her? lol SMH

We go out to our land often enough. We shoot, we invite friends and we shoot, we BBQ, we camp… those are probably our happiest times, because when you’re out on the land, “reality” (the city, bills, making an income, etc) is far far away from your thoughts.

We had a possum in the chicken coop the other night — at 4:30am. Traumatized the youngest daughter, because she was awakened to the sounds of chickens screaming. She woke her mother, who then woke me, and when I came outside, she ran to me and draped her arms around my neck, in hysterics, with near-silent screams and everything. We’ve had possums in our yard before, but that was years before my co and her children arrived.
I said “Let me go get [our husband], because there isn’t anything I know how to do about it, except to shoot it”, and I went and woke him. I asked him which gun he wanted. He chose a .22. Both girls have .22 LRs (all chilren get a rifle at the age of 10, that’s a rite of passage with us). I loaded it, and we went back outside and he and the dog went into the chicken’s area, and he shot it.
He had to shoot it about 6 times for it to die.
When I told my elderly father, who’s a country-boy, he chuckled and said “Yup, possums are hard to kill!”, which is just gross to ME, lol. Why are they hard to kill? Yuck.

So it’s always something over here, lol. Never. A dull. Moment. lol

Alright so I’m done with this update! It’s Wednesday! I’m thinking we should have a fun meal tonight, of like, burgers and fries for dinner. or fried fish and fries. Or… fried chicken…and fries… mmm.