I don’t hang very close with people who are bitter on relationships.
I don’t hang close with women that say things like “men ain’t shit”, “all men cheat”, and it’s been forever since I’ve heard the damning sentence “I don’t need a man!” From anyone in my large and loose circle of friends and associates.
I don’t care to have men in my circle that think all women or all black women are the same.
I don’t care for Sotomayor supporters.
All these people are bitter.
And personally, I don’t work like that.
I don’t write off an entire group/genre of people on the actions of specific individuals.
I’ve seen some black men do the worst — cheating, beating women, not being heads of households, not keeping jobs, not taking care of outside children, etc.
But I don’t paint all black men with that brush. Because I know not all black men do these things.
Why can’t other people take on this frame of thought?
You can’t say people are all the same.

It seems to me that alot of people on the internet exaggerate what they have going on, and then when you meet them in person and get to know them, you find out that they don’t have MUCH of ANY of that shit going on that they say they do. It’s a let-down. Because I’m not an exaggerator. I know people THINK I MIGHT be an exaggerator, but in MY particular case, people put their thoughts on ME on what they THINK I have. Example — they hear I have a two-story house and in their minds they see their view of a two-story house (imagine a perfect tv-show house with a red door and white shutters…grey-blue brick…), then they come and see my house and it’s not what they imagined in their heads. That has nothing to do with me. I’m HAPPY with my house, it’s in a good,quaint little neighborhood, it’s kept us nearly a decade, it’s brick and is warm on cold days and cool on warm days because of it, the yard is big both front and back,  large enough for me to legally keep sheep or goats or chickens (…I researched it…because sometimes we have a sheep, goat, or some chickens). It’s got four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a 2-car garage. I like the lay-out and if I move out of the country I already asked my husband to pretty much keep the same layout (with a few changes) because that’s how much I like it.
They hear we have a couple of cars, and we do — but they put what kind of cars THEY want me to have — Lexus? BMW? Benz? What they don’t know is none of those cars interest me because of the size of their car note — I want good-running, long-lasting vehicles that don’t cost me more than $350/mo. Our cars were paid off years ago and we are not the types to jump into another car(note) after we’ve paid off a car. No — I don’t like to part with my money so easily.
They hear we have a store, and we do — and I don’t really know how they feel about the store. My CUSTOMERS love our store, though — they love the ambiance, they love how organized it is, and how they can see (and find!) what they’re looking for, instead of it being cluttered and overstocked.
They hear we travel, and we do — or at least we were when we didn’t have the business (having a new, successful business is like having a new baby — it needs you to be there every step of the way, until it can fully stand on it’s own without your watchful eyes). We’ve been to many places — and NO, we didn’t have a hook up on anything. We didn’t “know somebody” on the inside that got us a good deal. We didn’t take out a loan for it, and we didn’t pop it on any credit card. We planned it, and when we saw we had the money for it, we paid for it.
It’s just that — there are all these people…who say they doing all this stuff…and they have all this stuff…and you get over there, or you meet them in person and it’s like — what happened to all the stuff you said you had or were doing?? (Que T.I. — “Where dey at doe?”)
I don’t understand.
Is it that important to you for people to see you as more than what you are?
You’re not embarrassed about what happens when people actually meet you?? (read: major disappointments)
If you didn’t care what people thought about you and yours, wouldn’t you just tell the truth about what you have?
…I just don’t get it.

I was reminded this past weekend that I don’t like shopping for clothes. Such a stressful experience! I was with family members — and it’s nothing personal — but I don’t get what other women get out of shopping. I like to get stuff, pay for it, and leave. I’m just… not a shopper… I guess that’s why if I find a shirt that I like, I just buy it in every color, and if I find jeans I like, I buy 2 or 3 pair in different shades, and when I find a skirt or shorts that I wear, I do the same. I have UNIFORMS, y’all. Even without the business, I had a UNIFORM — long skirt/jeans/shorts, and a tank-top/t-shirt with a humorous, smart alecky statement on it (“I Have Issues”, “Look but don’t TOUCH”, “Fangtasia”, etc). I shop ONLY when absolutely necessary. So that’s maybe twice a year, lol.

…obviously I ain’t want nothing, just came here to say these things.