Well thought out and put together — the problem of women of color today!!! *please read*


We all have a predetermined idea of what we think about when we hear the word king. We think of enormous palaces with dozens of rooms & grand eating spaces. We think of an abundance of precious jewels & beautiful garments. Guardsmen, an army, weapons & armour, the list goes on. But above all we think of obedience & loyalty. The king demands respect & going against the king often resulted in great consequences. The degree of punishment varying of ‘course. The king had servants that carried out his every whim, including the queen.

Lets scale this concept down & relate it to marriage today. The saying goes “I’m the king of my castle”, referring to the husband in the home. It’s not on such a grand scale as when we think of a king. There’s usually not acres of land & multiple servants or a huge production of economy…

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