Here’s today’s video!

I’m on bedrest (self imposed; my pressure up) and so here I am, in my bed, talking about something that’s really been bothering me —
The MEDIA has a habit of putting polygyny’s sexual abuse cases and domestic violence cases to the forefront, and use it as a “reason” to be against polygyny.
This video is a little over 5 minutes’ long.
In it, I show you how sexual abuse is a problem ALL OVER OUR COUNTRY and that the FLDS communities are just a picture of what’s going on within all of our cities and neighborhoods. If it wasn’t, if it was so rare, we wouldn’t need a sex offender registry.
Same goes with Domestic Abuse.
All you gotta do is look at the numbers — the numbers in these polygynous communities IS THE SAME. It’s no different.
So let’s throw THAT argument in the trash. 🙂