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There are MANY polygamy groups on Facebook. Many. We are all together. All you have to do is seek them out. I’m in, like, 5?? lol

We talk about the dynamics of polygamous living — there are people writing BOOKS about it (I know of one actively that’s almost done and I saw another being promoted recently).

YOU have to find the group that’s right for you. There are mixed groups, there are predominately white groups, FLDS groups, Jewish groups, Islamic Afrocentric Groups, Women ONLY poly groups (because we ladies need to be able to talk and discuss our dynamics as wives!). As for straight Christian groups, I haven’t seen one, I also haven’t seen any straight Hebrew Israelite groups (nor am I interested in creating one because I don’t have the want to maintain it or be in charge of it — too busy). There are BIBLICAL groups and those consist of ANYONE who believes that poly is biblically sanctioned (and that could be ANYBODY).

But I MUST say that anyone who is a believer in the Bible and is pro-poly but is NOT Torah Observant — I have to ask why? Being that there are laws pertaining to how to run a polygynous household fairly and peacefully, I cannot understand why one would shirk off all the other laws but wanna keep those. Why do that and NOT do the dietary laws? Why do THAT and not do Passover — I can’t understand. Picking and choosing, man. Really. It’s an all or nothing deal in my opinion.

ANYWAY. has been resurrected as . Still a good bunch of people, still alot of families on there currently living the life who can give advice, still alot of good information at your fingertips on how to live poly. I STRONGLY suggest you read there, or get an account and gather real-life information from “experts” in the field.

Alright it’s Friday. I have another blog to update, and then it’s cleaning time since Shabbat is tonight. I pray that all are well, I pray that you’re taking care of yourself and that you’re seeking The Most High with your whole heart.