Let us Walk as One!

We’ve got alot of cleaning up of ourselves that needs to go on.

There are many of us that are aware. And we are SO VERY AWARE that there are issues within the black race!

That something needs to be done.

Please, people — do your part!

It’s never about hating any other races it’s about focusing on ourselves and cleaning up the mess that has been made of us thanks to slavery, Jim Crow and (I’m saying it, yes) the Feminist movement. (research the latter when you’re ready)

Look at us — we are 12-13% strong in America. And make up the majority in the prisons. Why? Not EVERYONE is innocent. We are 12-13% strong in America. And make up the majority of HIV/AIDS cases here. WHY?We are 12-13% strong in America. And our teens are more likely than any other race to get pregnant.

We are 12-13% strong in America. And our households are more likely to be headed by a single female.

WTH IS UP WITH US??We’re doing SOMETHING wrong.

As I said before — do your part.WHAT is your part you say? Because you are ONLY one person, right? What could little old you do to help us step away from being such a broken race of people??Teach your CHILDREN better. First of all. Teach your children in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. THAT’s scripture. But even if you don’t believe in scripture, it’s true — think about how much your own parents rubbed off on you!! Teach your children how to be MEN/WOMEN (what makes a good man/woman?). Teach them how to choose a proper mate — not some person that’s only attractive, or only fun, but smart and with good character (moral compass as well).Be an EXAMPLE of how to live right.Like I said in my status today, your children watch you; they watch how you live. Don’t forget that other people who aren’t where you are (mentally, in understanding, spiritually, in your walk), watch you too. Try to carry yourself as such. When you’re trying to live upright people will come to you to find out what you’re doing/how you do what you do. You want to be responsible, strong, with high moral character (integrity included). It would be great to try to display a pleasant (calm, discreet, respectful) personality as well.

…and when people DO come to you……try to lead them in an upright direction. Don’t give them morally low ideas to follow through on. Most spiritual belief systems believe in “Karma” (Eastern word for it). What you put out is what comes back to you. If you are a morally upright person and try to show people that, and try to lead your kids in that direction and be a good stewart of others, that’s what youll get back. But if you are of low moral character — if you participate in wicked dishonest deeds and aren’t responsible for your actions in the world, know that you’ll get it back in return.If each one of us is responsible for ourselves, our actions, and the little people that look up to us, I believe the world of black people will become healthier, more steadfast and upright in general. THEN, after we’ve rid ourselves of the majority of the negatives (and start raising up Master-Teachers lol) we can start to bond and sing kumbayah with others.But if no one is really willing…it will continue on this way…

and it will only get worse…

THINK ABOUT IT…(For believers know that the adversary does NOT want unity he wants confusion, war, hatred and debauchery…)SHaLoM