We are still polygynous-minded but my husband never finds anyone of interest to him. The woman may be attractive to him, but her mind is not where it needs to be (a chickenhead or just not very smart). The woman may be super intelligent but she’s not attractive to him. The woman may be Hebrew, but her mind is not where it needs to be.

…My closest friends/sisters/homegirls and I, we’re all very different. So whoever this woman will be, she doesn’t have to be exactly like me. My husband likes attractive women but he also likes variety so she doesn’t have to look like me AT ALL. What he finds attractive is what HE finds attractive so that ALSO means his standard of beauty is not always the norm. What he DOES indeed love is an intelligent woman, a woman that can hold her own in a conversation – not one who’s only answer is “…I don’t know” or a shrug lol.

There are things I would prefer her to be – I don’t think she has to be too quiet, because *I* am talkative and I be wanting to talk lol. But she has to know when to joke and when to be serious, and she should know how to conduct herself in public. (she needs to have a thick skin and a sense of humor too lol two things that seem to go hand in hand in my opinion)

It’d be nice though if she were some things that I am not. It took a LOT of growing to be how I am today. And yet, I am still growing, I am not without my faults and misdeeds that need to be worked on. It’d be nice if she were slower to anger than me, probably more focused too…

There are women constantly interested in my husband. But my husband does not date, and he has only actively courted anyone two times. We have some rules – there will be no sleeping with one another until a marriage occurs. I know of polygynous husbands that are bedding EVERYONE right now, and their wives approve! I don’t think so; in the world we live in today, that sounds like a chance to get an STD. NO.Thank.YOU.

We would never want to spring anything on anyone, nor would we want anything sprung on us. No surprises, please. It is our intent to be who we are, and however we are.

We would like someone with similar life goals – whatever our life goals are.