Okay so out of support I have been tuning in to the Sister Wives show on TLC. The Brown family seems like an okay bunch and I am happy that they are showing a modern side to polygyny, even tho they are Fundamental LDSers. I am glad we are not watching Warren Jeffs and his bunch because all of that makes it weird with the someone else choosing your spouses and sometimes minor females being married.
I don’t hate the FLDS (even tho they believe black people are black because they are evil and wicked and, according to The Book of Mormon, we’ll get lighter if we become righteous *HUGE eye roll on the racism*). I am always interested in a level of communal living for people who believe the same thing as each other. SOMETIMES I think such a life would be nice for myself. But I don’t know I don’t like a bunch of people being in my business that I am not closely related to in some way. We would have to be BEST friends lol, like my long time best friends, I think. In order for it to work.

Anyway, I am sorry they are being investigated by the police. I Really hope support for polygyny as a legal marital option comes on the radar because of it. I hope those that believe in polygyny/polygamy come out of the woodworks and start, like, storming DC lol. We’re Here, We’re Plyg, Get Used To It kind of thing rofl.

To be persecuted for being honest with The Word of The Most High (honest in the sense of “I love this other woman just as much as my current wife and I want to be with her and I am unable to stop this feeling. So instead of betraying the covenant I have with my current wife, I will marry this woman as well to curb the sinfulness of deceit…I also will not engage in fornication with this woman and make her to be a harlot so I will marry her…”) is just absolutely horrible. This is why I feel the government has no right to tell people who to marry. EVER. Perhaps some stipulations should be in order, but it’s like that old saying “What ‘God’ has put together let no man turn asunder” or something like that.
How you gonna stop them? Tell them no?? They’re gonna be together just give them the dammed licenses. Put all wives on the books as his wife. Even homosexuals — you think saying no to gay marriage is going to keep them away from each other? NO.
It’s simply not their jurisdiction, altho they try to make it so. It’s not their authority.
If they want to do something, make regulations. A family with two spouses continues to get the tax break. A family with more than 4 spouses is taxed. (I mean if you MUST, you know?) A family with more than 3 spouses is ineligible for welfare. All spouses must be legal age of consent. A family with two spouses pays the minimum “family” rate for health insurance. A family with more than two spouses must pay X amount more per added spouse on health insurance.
Things like that.
It’s do-able!
Men have been caring for wives and baby mamas and mistresses and all their children for years. You think it’s going to be THAT hard?
I think part of it is some level of jealousy. Because some men are like “Not every man is going to get more than one wife.” And it’s like perhaps NOT EVERY MAN NEEDS OR DESERVES MORE THAN ONE WIFE!
You don’t know my ex boyfriend (WOW from like 9 years ago lol) but if you knew him you’d say he wasn’t worthy of EVEN one because he’s so deadbeat. He doesn’t like to work, he’s lazy, he doesn’t know how to be a man and stay out of legal trouble his decision making process is horrible, SOME woman SOMEWHERE had to tell him what to do and sometimes he didnt’ WANT to do it anyway so he’d just muck it up.
He is a child in his mind (because only children are run by women and if a man is being run by his woman he is nothing but a child) and he doesn’t even KNOW it.
Some men though, are just weak and unable. NOT ALL, tho.
I think if we legalized polygamy only like 12% of the population would become polygynous, either by acknowledging and making honest women of people’s 4 baby-mama’s, and acts like that. Some women don’t even realize how naturally hard-wired they already ARE for polygyny — being aware of their husband’s mistress and yet not saying anything and not REALLY having a problem with it.

We’ve been PROGRAMMED to consider monogamy as the ONLY way. What about all those people that are “serial-monogamists”, divorcing and remarrying constantly? Poor people. perhaps they realize that they loved each of their spouses but could not figure out a way to be honest and keep everyone together. So they were honest and made the choice to divorce instead.

There are alot of doors that I feel will be opened because of this show. I pray it’s mostly positive backlash. I pray that a change is going to come — even tho really I think it’s like 10 to 20 years away, really.
ALRIGHT time to get on with my day! Just wanted to say that because I realized I have yet to address the show (as if I’m even posting frequent enough for people to wonder about my view.)

Boker Tov!