We have gotten so busy it’s hard for me to put time and effort into much else besides the store and it’s future. My father, who’s lived with us for a couple of years or so, has finally made his move back to San Antonio — for the most part. This is good for our little unit, because my youngest son has grown to depend on his papaw to help him out when he’s upset or when he’s been disobedient or when he’s tired. This will make him a little more independent, which is good.
For me, though, this means more household work — my dad and I both LIKE to do the dishes, and since he’s been there and I’ve been busy, I’ve just allowed him to do it. That freed me up. Also, while I like to cook I can’t cook all the meals anymore because I’m rarely at home. So my dad was cooking — but see, he cooks like a cowboy out on the range — beans, chili, steaks, potatoes. Here’s my dad’s steady cooking ideas —
beans and smoked turkey meat (replacement for that pork taste)
chili beans
chili (because real chili doesn’t have beans)
steak and potatoes
hamburger stew
roast and potatoes
brisket and potatoes
and MAYBE a roasted chicken here and there.
He doesn’t like grilled fish. He wants fried fish and he prefers to do salmon patties.

All of this tastes…really…really good.
But I don’t eat beef to that extent.
And my family likes grilled fish.
So that’s changed. I made salmon and wild rice last night with salad.
Since I’m rarely home tho, it’s going to be hard to cook. But hey — I have a decent-sized crockpot. So we ARE having a roast tonight — with potatoes and mixed vegetables and salad.
I put it on to cook this morning and hopefully, when the husband has time, he’ll be able to stop by there and toss the potatoes in (after 4p) and the vegetables (about 6p) and then when we get there it’ll be readdddyyy and the house’ll smell so gooood…

So — the kids have learned all about the Native Americans and the tribes and how they filled up the American continent and how the Amer-Indians found the Caribbean islands and started jumping from island to island, populating them — and then how the Carib Indians came through and started the hopping on THEIR wave…and they were CANNIBALS…so they came through and pretty much ate all the Amer-Indians and lived in their place…and how, when Europe (Columbus) started coming through, at first they were curious but then they decided “man fuck these people they’re no good, keep them out of here” they would shoot arrows at them and do other warrior things and how PRECISE they were and SUCCESSFUL they were for quite a while, keeping those people off the land. Now we’re moving toward pilgrims and the settling of the colonies and all of that.

We went (don’t mind me, I’m just talking)to Naturally Isis’ Natural Hair Parade & Festival and it was a beautiful event. I crochet-braided my daughter’s hair (it’s great — if you’re my FB friend you can check out the pics) and me and the kids went to the event BASICALLY to fellowship and network and enjoy the day while hubby worked the store.
Some RBG were there and that’s good — I’d been told by a very prominent member of their faction (who I will NOT name because I’m not a name dropper like that) that they for the most part were not going because the last time they went, there were “whites and fags” at the event. Made me a bit sad — black people have to start supporting each other’s things like this. The Natural Hair movement is very important to black people and who we are, just as a group — our hair is not like any other racial group’s hair. It’s different and unique and therefore SPECIAL and it needs to be embraced and lifted up. Everyone needs to represent at these events — all belief systems need to be put aside or — hey — come to the event, purchase a space, and set up and TELL PEOPLE ABOUT YOUR BELIEFS!! There were MOORS there — I RARELY see them around but one of them I knew, him and his beautiful wife (she’s not very friendly but I don’t care if people aren’t friendly — I’m friendly enough for all of us lol) and they walk in, heads held high and he got on that Moorish/Arabic cap that they wear (you know what I’m talking about), and she’s on one arm and the Moorish flag is hanging on his other arm. I know him from business interactions and we were far away — he looked around in my direction while walking and nodded his head — they looking REGAL as ALL GET OUT — DO IT FAM DO IIIIIITTT lol I loved it.
Another Moor, he had his table, he was selling his wares, and had something he called Griot-storytelling popcorn. TASTY!!! Mmm spicy. Loved it.
NOI was there, they were of course selling their newspaper but they were THERE… The RBG that were there, started sparring, showing off their moves, and I was like gone on then, dudes! They are our warrior-class of men and women — young…and preparing. I am proud to see them.
Where were the Christians? While I’m sure many walking around the event were Christians — no church set up shop there… I feel some large church should have had a table there — ESPECIALLY if they feel the Messiah was black, they should have been there, shown their face…Hebrew Israelites needed a booth.
But no, most groups are stand offish on some “I will not work with them” type vibe “these aren’t our people” type NONSENSE “they too pro-black/not pro-black enough for us” type BULLSHIT.
And this makes me mad at black people.
We will NEVER unify to build and grow…if we’re going to be like that all the time.
Oh — and the vegan food — $10 a plate, but there’s a McDonald’s a half-mile away where I can feed two kids with that. And people were HUNGRY — why not set up a booth (booth space = $125) and feed us some $5 plates of food??
People were THIRSTY — two booths with water and one, when they ran out, they went on home.
I’m just saying it was great to see those that DID come out and support — I saw polygynous families that I know out there, I saw local singers that I know, out there — my CUSTOMERS were out there (so many hugs, lol introductions to friends and family). They needed more performers (but you’re not going to get paid — so consider it exposure and if you’re about the PEOPLE, consider it getting your opinion out to the masses).
WE want to get more involved in this next year. We want to help!! So that’s our goal is to be large enough that we can make a difference in our community in the long run. So pray for THAT.
…I’m REALLY tired, tho. Really tired. So busy. Life never stops. It’s got to keep going, keep moving.
I’ll sleep when I’m dead.