I forgot to post here that I would be doing a radio show. We did it yesterday afternoon? It was very interesting even tho I somehow got disconnected at the end.
When my husband came home we listened to it again and he said it was very good. *I* was shocked that the guy offered me the LAST WORD and I had already gotten disconnected!! I WANNA HAVE THE LAST WORD SOMEWHERE!!! AWWW MAAAYUUUNNN!!
What would I have said anyway?!
I dunno. Something about giving polygyny a chance as a marital option in America. Something about not voting against it, and allowing those that WANT to try polygyny to be able to do it legally, where things can be sanctioned and addressed and all of that.

Anyway the show people say they want to do a Part II and make it a round table event. So when THAT happens, I’ll update y’all here as well.

Alright. I’m done. Gotta remember to keep the porch light off tonight so that kids don’t come looking for CANDY. it’s halloween tonight. BAH HUMBUG. Or whatever.