Firstly, I am a believer in the Bible and the Torah. And Torah says that a man cannot lay with another man’s wife — that is adultery.

Now, mind you, polyandry does indeed occur in our human world. But it is RARE, unlike polygyny, which is openly practiced in 2/3rds of the world (and is covertly practiced in the Western World, sometimes honestly and other times in illicit forms, in a negative manner, like a man cheating on his wife, or having multiple baby mamas, or serial monogamy…) . It often occurs when there is a shortage of women, and two brothers agree to share a woman. OR, if it is somehow proven that the man is unable to give the woman children, he will bring in his brother.
But it is very uncommon.

I believe biologically we are not wired for polyandry —

  • Women typically can only get pregnant by one man at a time.Meanwhile, a man can get more than one woman pregnant at the same time.
  • By the age of 55, a woman’s ability to have children is pretty much gone. Men can make babies up into their 70s.
  • A woman’s libido, on average, is less than a man’s.
  • The rate of women emotionally, physically, intellectually NEEDING a relationship with more than one person of the opposite sex (to the point where they will cheat, betray their current relationship to be with another person) is, on average, less than a man’s.

So at that point, it’s just a matter of nature.  *shrugs*
I dont push my views on people, typically people push their views on me. But I wanted you all to know that you wont ever see me supporting polyandry. You can DO what you WANT.
Because I’m gonna do what I want…