I may never get a sisterwife.

None of my friends interest my husband.
None of the women in town really interest my husband.

I pray that Yah sends someone intriguing into his path, if Yah is willing. It would be really nice.

I read all of Megan’s polyblog in nearly a day. She joined a family as wife #3. She’s 18 and it’s just an amazingly pure experience. While I’m already wife #1, it would be nice to have another wife join our family. I’m pretty nice and flexible about things so I feel someone coming in with our family wouldn’t be a negative in the least.

I’m sorry; did you notice that all I write about over here is polygamy? I have a blog on myspace where I write other things.
I write about polygamy over there, too.

I get together with my sister (my sister by birth) every Sunday and we watch Big Love. Big Love is just a soap opera, pretty much. It’s a poly soap opera lol. This season’s been so dramatic that I am left speechless and numb and sad after every episode.
But it’s a soap opera. It’s not necessarily like that in real life.
On the show Dallas, everyone was a billionaire and everyone shot each other. Dallas isn’t really like that.

Shalom for now. I’m wanting to buy a book: “Created to be his Help Meet” by Debi Pearl.